September Vidz of Interest 13

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Date : September 9, 2013

Below is a small group of great if not interesting videos that I will categorize as the September trece group. Check them, enjoy them. Thoughts and feedback are better than gold.

Guinness – Wheelchairs
This received a decent amount of exposure in the media, not necessarily because the Production is great but more due to its underlying message. It has a great twist that might dig at you if you are like some of us (sorry excuses for a friend). The beer will definitely kick your ass though.

Taco Bell’s “No Pican” Spot
OK OK, disclaimer = this was produced by Deutsch, which is the agency I currently work for (one person awkward applause). Broadcast is their forte, but not all Deutsch produced vidz merit adding them to this list (or a ‘high ranking’ list). For a general market agency however, this is great, and much better than other Spanish spots I’ve seen recently. Now, let me at them fiery tacos!

Animation accompanying Tosca by Giacomo Puccini
I found this while looking up the song and in my trance I replayed it more than 20 times! The music speaks for itself; the animation draws you in, and albeit simple, there is a complex element about it. Right? If you can only watch one of these, this is the one.

Dwayne & The TexMeXplosion
An odd gem. It may be hard for some to understand why this video is kick ass but it’s definitely viral within the Latin community, specifically Mexican / Mexican American. Apparently, these guys are Dutch and rocking the Mexican notes out there. Super cool. Google them.

TrueMove H : Giving Spot
This spot looks to touch the emotional and empathetic side, leveraging a social issue to do so. And, it does a fantastic job. Good story, solid acting, and great response… this thing is super viral.

The Scarecrow – Chipotle Spot
I will repeat what countless social media gurus posted: “Chipotle does it again.”. Seriously, the folks who developed this should keep it up and if they aren’t doing so already, they should be making many movies. This is compelling, right?

Waffle Falling Over
Lastly, a waffle simply falling over. Bells and whistles? No. Over a million views? Yes. Why? That’s the question.

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