The Introduction

Category : About August 14, 2011

El Luchador - Yaris Blue ManAs it turns out, I was able to set-up a webpage with a section allocated to blog posts fairly easy. Wonderful I thought- a blog is born. Self-expression via the digital world is what everyone seems to be doing. It’s time I do the same, me being a “digital guy” and all, right? I am left with some questions however. What will the blog cover? Do I have time to blog? How personal can I or should I be?

This forum will be more of a commentary about items of interest, leaning more towards the digital. On one post, you might discover what MP3 stands for and on another read about my watermelon craze during summer. If one person finds even one of the posts interesting, the time I’ve spent writing will not have been in vain.

Do you have something to share? Comment? Send it my way, and I will try my best to make you famous.