The Voyeur In Us: “Drive”

Category : Advertising, Entertainment September 21, 2011

Take a close and careful look at the images below. What do you think?

From top to bottom, they are arranged from amazingly intriguing to extremely interesting. Epic to great. I love them. They aren’t the only ads for the movie, but I repeatedly see these during the drive to the agency on billboards. What is that movie about, I would think.

Not only is every person on the boards intriguing, but the camera captures an expression on their faces that solicits questions. What just occurred? It gives the viewer a lot, but keeps the rest secret. In such a confined setting (an auto), it must have been a discussion that brought about the thickness in the air. The auto is an excellent setting to have a range of conversation: private, intimate, the setting beckons the voyeur in us. I want more. What’s next? Is this movie about a driver? A drive? It cannot be just that. Not with such great boards.

Image of the movie "Drive" billboard with Oscar Isaac.

Image of the movie "Drive" billboard with Ron Perlman.

Image of the movie "Drive" billboard with Ryan Gosling.

For the record, I saw the movie a few days ago. I watched it without first watching the trailer. Why? The boards. Movie info: